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Area drinking water is safe, says GM of NRSC
Despite a recent federal government study that indicates more than 300,000 Canadians a year contract a bug from municipally-supplied potable water, the locally produced drinking water is safe.
“In our area, water is 100 per cent perfectly safe to drink,” said Ralph Havinga, general manager of Newell of Regional Services Corporation.
In a written statement Havinga said the region’s drinking water does not pose any health risks.
“Every week we take hundreds of bacteriological samples and send them to the provincial lab in Calgary,” he said.  Full Story >
Bisbee promises tax freeze if elected as mayor
Sarah Bisbee announced a few planks in her platform for mayor Friday.
“One of the primary responsibilities of a mayor is to evaluate the economy not only locally but provincially and nationally as well and use that information to lay out realistic plans for the future growth of our community,” she said.
“With oil prices at near record lows I think it is fair to say it will take at least two years for the local economy to recover.   Full Story >
Farmers, ranchers against Bill 6
Farm and ranch owners have grave concerns that a new provincial bill could lead to the closure of family farms.
An online petition urging the government to withdraw and cease all debate and discussion on Bill 6, Enhanced Protection for Farm and Ranch Workers Act, has received 10,000 signatures.
Lawmakers have passed two readings of the bill and have been holding meetings across the province.
With no meeting planned for the constituency, Strathmore-Brooks MLA Derek Fildebrandt is hosting a town hall meeting in Bassano on Dec. 5 at 2 p.m. to get feedback.  Full Story >
Festival of Trees rated a success despite economy
The 21st annual Diabetes Association (Brooks & District) Festival of Trees was a success in part because of the many volunteers, said executive director Arlen Currie.
“The volunteers that came out were phenomenal.”
Currie said there was great sponsorship again this year with some new sponsors coming on board.
The gala night on Nov. 21 at the Heritage Inn attracted a full seating capacity of 150 people.
The major fundraiser for the association brought in $18,000 from the sale of decorated Christmas trees. This is down $2,000 from the previous year.  Full Story >
High school hosts speaker
Greg Drew has lived through every parent’s worst nightmare — a telephone call that his son had been in a serious car crash.
Greg’s son Jay survived the accident and while waiting for surgery he promised his dad he would go with him and speak to kids about the consequences of speeding and street racing.
“Jay didn’t get that chance; he later died in hospital as a result of his injuries on May 14, 2003. He was 17,” said Drew.  Full Story >
Idriss running for city seat
Mohammed4Brooks is back in business as Mohammed Idriss is running for the one council seat available in next year’s City of Brooks by-election. Idriss, who finished just out of the running in 2013 says he’s here to help make Brooks better.
“This is the next step, really. Since I moved here about a decade ago, this community has really given me so much and it is time to give back.”  Full Story >
Farmers, ranchers against Bill 6 

Festival of Trees rated a success despite economy 

Area drinking water is safe, says GM of NRSC 

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