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Area population up over 5% since 2011
Rosemary showed the biggest increase in population for the region according to Statistics Canada census data released February 8. Yet, Rosemary’s population is not even as large as the number collected by the Village of Rosemary in a municipal census in 2012.
“We felt the 2011 census was low so we conducted our own census,” says Sharon Zacharias, CAO for the Village of Rosemary.
That census counted 421 people in the Village of Rosemary compared to 396 people recorded by Statistics Canada in 2016.  Full Story >
Armed robbery
Douglas Delgatty, 37, of Brooks has been charged with 11 counts in relation to an armed robbery at the Brooks Liquor Store on Saturday.
At about 5:40 p.m. police received a call that a male entered the location, used a firearm to rob the business and left with an undisclosed amount of cash.
Thirty-five minutes later he was located in the Walmart parking lot and taken into custody. He was still in possession of the firearm and the majority of the money.   Full Story >
Body of Brooks man found
Police have confirmed a body found near Jumpingpond Demonstration Forest 60 miles west of Calgary on Jan. 29 is that of former Brooks resident Fletcher Kimmel.
The death the 30-year-old is being deemed as suspicious. The homicide unit of Calgary Police Service is investigating the death.
He was apparently last seen in 7-11 in the 3500 block of 39th Ave. in northeast Calgary on Sept. 27. From there, it’s believed he left on foot and was headed to a nearby LRT.  Full Story >
Province declared Feb. 13, 2017 as Oil and Gas Celebration Day
Feb. 13, 2017 has been declared Oil and Gas Celebration Day in Alberta.
The declaration was made by the province on Monday at the Leduc #1 Energy Discovery Centre with participation from the minister of industry, president of Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors (CAODC) and the president of the Leduc/Devon Oilfield Historical Society.
On Feb. 13, 1947 a major crude oil discovery was made near Leduc which resulted in a boom in petroleum exploration and development in western Canada.  Full Story >
Strathmore-Brooks PC delegates selected
The majority of the Strathmore-Brooks delegates selected to vote at the Progressive Conservative Party’s Leadership Convention in March voiced support for unity.
Each of the 21 (one was absent) delegates at the delegate selection meeting in Bassano last Wednesday were given one minute to tell the 60 or so voters why they should be selected.
Most of the representatives spoke in favour of candidate Jason Kenney, who appears to be leading the race, over the other candidates, Byron Nelson and Richard Starke, with his unity platform.  Full Story >
This will be a rebuilding year in Alberta, says economist
Tourism, agriculture and agri-foods will be part of the province’s rebuilding in 2017 according to ATB Financial’s chief economist.
Last Tuesday Todd Hirsch was the keynote speaker at the Brooks and District Chamber’s lunchtime event.
Hirsch said he does not expect the petroleum sector to return to the $97 per barrel of oil this year but the economy will be helped through the tourism and agri-food sectors.
Both 2015 and 2016 were record years for cash receipts in tourism with a third consecutive record expected this year.  Full Story >
Province declared Feb. 13, 2017 as Oil and Gas Celebration Day 

Bandits cruise to big weekend wins 

Bandits adjust post season prices 

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