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‘No substance’ in Conservative forums
Though some voting members of the Bow River riding’s Conservative Party thought last week’s forums lacked substance, the candidates feel confident.
“They low-balled everything. There were no questions that really put anybody on the spot,” said member Brian de Jong.
“Nobody had to answer questions that were particularly hard. They were very generic, such as what would you do for this area, how are you different?
“Nothing really stood out,” he said, likely because there was no debate.  Full Story >
Consultation breakfast reveals strengths, opportunities
Strong staff and connection to community are strengths across the table at Brooks Campus. Literally.
Both were listed high as strengths at all three tables at a campus consultation breakfast.
“We’re in the midst of an engaging process that will bring the voices of students, employees and our community to share their thoughts and ideas on what Medicine Hat College looks like at its best,” said college president and CEO Denise Henning.
She said initial conversations about the college’s next five year plan began in January and in May, members of the council and Henning participated in a workshop on Appreciative Inquiry.   Full Story >
Council to have operating procedure to throw things out
City council has adopted a standard operating procedure to demonstrate they can throw out property they already own.
Senior administration, councillors and other officials met to hammer out finer points of a storage and disposal of property SOP Tuesday.
“Throughout the year lost, confiscated, seized and unclaimed property comes into possession of the City of Brooks and after 30 days the city may dispose of it how they see fit,” said manager of shared services Lisa Tiffin.  Full Story >
Media barred from forums
Unless you were a member of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada you were not permitted to attend candidates’ forums in either Strathmore or Brooks.
“I didn’t like the fact that media wasn’t allowed,” said Brooks party member Mohammed Yusuf Idriss.
“We live in a free country and the press is one of those institutions that keeps people on their toes. Media, they should definitely be allowed.”
Fellow party member Brian de Jong agreed.
“The fact we’re not having it as free and open as possible I think is a slap in the face of the democratic system,” he said.  Full Story >
NDP leader Mulcair talks politics at Ecole Le Ruisseau
Leader of the Official Opposition Tom Mulcair was at Ecole Le Ruisseau last week after teacher Cyndy Sandre’s class asked him to come for a visit.
“Students wrote him and asked that the next time he was in Alberta if he could stop by. A couple weeks later we heard he was coming,” said Sandre.
Mulcair and other New Democrat Members of Parliament were in Edmonton last week for a three-day caucus session.
The meetings set the tone for a busy political season — one they hope results in the NDP becoming the Government of Canada.  Full Story >
NDP leader Mulcair talks politics at Ecole Le Ruisseau 

Consultation breakfast reveals strengths, opportunities 

Council to have operating procedure to throw things out 

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