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Alcoma is a good school
My name is Miriam Brummelhuis. I am a grade 4 student from Alcoma School. The school thought there would be 57 students and there are 58.
 There are good teachers and all the kids know each other. When the teachers and parents read the article they were very upset, even our principal Mr. Kohlman isn’t acting normal. As an example, he isn’t joking around like he used to!  Full Story >
Alcoma is a great school
 I’m writing in regards to last week’s article on Alcoma school.
 I feel the article was an unfair misrepresentation of the school and what it has had to offer in the past and will in the future education of children. I am a stay at home mom with 5 kids, 4 of whom attend Alcoma School.
My family comes from a line of generational attenders such as my husband and his sisters, my father-in-law and his sisters and now, my children.  Full Story >
Article was unfair
I am very disappointed in the article about Alcoma School because it is very unfair and misleading.
Due to parental choice, every school, and every school division, gains and loses some students. Parents make choices for various reasons.
Instead of just showing a picture of a bus going to Vauxhall, it would have been very easy to include photos of happy engaged students in Alcoma School. Instead of quoting someone who has chosen a different school to misrepresent performance in mathematics, you could have asked for some factual data.  Full Story >
Education at Alcoma School is first rate
Re: Alcoma School article
I feel compelled to respond to the article in the September 29 issue of your paper about families in the Bow Slope area who choose to send their children out of the community for their education. I have been volunteering at the school a couple of days a week to help with the violin program they have.   Full Story >
Takes issue with article
(Re: Article regarding declining enrollment in Alcoma School)
There are some profound issues that are raised when newspapers become the venue for complaints about schools. Schools are governed by an elected board and the office of the superintendent. Schools themselves have elected parent councils and school officials who are appointed by the board. These are the mechanisms in place to address concerns about schools.   Full Story >
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