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Bob Scammell – Alberta Outdoors
After my gloomy April 3rd trip west, I’m having a hard time believing how fast those record snows are disappearing. The downside is the reader reports I’m getting of mud in every flowing river and stream, ending any good ice-out fishing.
On the upside for another outdoors recreation: green shoots of the garlic cloves we planted last September started showing above their mulch on April 10th, the earliest ever; last year it was May 1st.   Full Story >
Colleen Crawford....Life as I know it
I was doing my hair this morning and struggling with ‘the look’ that was happening in front. Then I came to the back and I simply went by feel. A few quick swishes with the flat iron, it felt good enough and I was good-to-go.
Because I can’t see the back of my head, I have always (often) had the illusion that the back of my hair is fine. Just the way it is. No fuss. No muss. It is what it is. What I can’t see can’t hurt me. Carry on!
Why don’t I feel that way about the hair that frames my face? Why have I become obsessed with that reflection in the mirror?  Full Story >
Harper gets a rare reprieve in Senate saga - NATIONAL AFFAIRS by CHANTAL HEBERT
Now that the RCMP has decided not to file criminal charges against Nigel Wright for reimbursing Mike Duffy’s housing allowance out of his own pocket, there remains only a faint possibility that Canadians will ever know for sure whether the prime minister was in the loop of the controversial arrangement between his former chief of staff and the suspended senator.
An apparent discrepancy between Harper’s categorical assertion that the peculiar reimbursement of Duffy’s unjustified expenses was engineered behind his back and an email trail that suggests otherwise would have best been cleared up by having the prime minister and his former aide testify under oath in a court of law.  Full Story >
Just a few Jon Nesbitt
Friday, April 25 – Kelly Maxwell
Saturday, April 26 – Jonathan Nesbitt
Sunday, April 27 – Patsy King
Tuesday, April 29 – Kelly Brodie

Part one  Full Story >
Picked up in passing by JAMIE NESBITT - Bulletin Editor
Suggest 1-way traffic
on 2 downtown streets
Brooks Bulletin, October 12, 1977—One-way traffic in the core of the downtown area was proposed by the Downtown Business Association when it met Wednesday, Oct. 5.
Proposal is for traffic to be one-way south on Second Street between First and Second Avenue and one-way north on First St. West from First Avenue to Second Avenue.
The measure will be recommended to town council on a trial basis, however, the council is awaiting a traffic study of the town and will likely not make any decision until it is ready, Mayor Bev Nelson told the meeting.  Full Story >
Province addressing fish population in Lake Newell 

Bassano council says premier’s resignation affects hospital project 

Marshall Drain total rehab price tag nears $2 million 

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