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A look back... by JAMIE NESBITT - Bulletin Editor
Bill Hosler’s first job in Canada
was on construction of dam   Full Story >
Gwynne Dyer -Banning HFCs: Too Late and Too Slow
The chief source of new problems is solutions to old problems. The ammonia that we used in domestic fridges as a coolant in the early 20th century was poisonous if it leaked, so in the 1930s we replaced it with chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which you can breathe all day without harm. Problem solved.
Unfortunately, it turned out that CFCs, when they leaked, eventually rose into the stratosphere where they began destroying ozone. The ozone layer is the only thing protecting us from the Sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation, so countries responded quickly in the 1980s when scientists discovered a spreading “ozone hole” over the Antarctic.  Full Story >
Just a few words... by Jon Nesbitt
  Full Story >
Life as I know it! by Colleen Crawford
Trusting the Moment  Full Story >
One year on: Promises, what promises? - NATIONAL AFFAIRS by CHANTAL HÉBERT
Much celebration - for the most part justified - is attending the first anniversary of Justin Trudeau’s election victory. Twelve months later, polls elicit no buyer’s remorse. Many voters who did not support Trudeau last year are on balance happy he won.
The alignment of the stars continues to favour the prime minister. With the opposition parties leaderless, the biggest risk to the Liberals these days is to let success go to their heads.
On that score, it may be time to keep Trudeau away from his press clippings.   Full Story >
Sports by Bruce Penton
Stolen firearm recovered during residential search 

Carbon tax protest in Brooks Nov. 5 

Brooks RCMP to carry naloxone 

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