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Bob Scammell – Alberta Outdoors
For the first time in many years I missed my annual April Fool, opening-day (spring bear and fishing seasons) giant slalom up and down 30 km. of roads tracking along North Raven River searching for signs of spring.
Major reason for missing was that it was a Tuesday, column day, and I had a long attitude session with our new computer to persuade it to do what our old clunker kept doing with ever-lessening ease: get the column and pictures to the publishers. Besides, the day was too dark, dank, cold and ice-foggy to give much hope of seeing the slightest sign of spring. It was not much better, but by Thursday, we just had to go: readers were asking about conditions out west and predictions for this fishing season.   Full Story >
Colleen Crawford....Life as I know it
Slow and steady. Baby steps. Forward steps. Any steps!
I have been belaboring a writing project for about five years now. I have collected so much information that I am overwhelmed at the thought of putting it all together. I have been stuck in limbo for far too long.
Our last Arctic blast of the winter weekend was ideal. I didn’t know that I had it off until the weekend arrived. Not knowing that I had two consecutive days off meant that I hadn’t planned any extracurricular activities. Frigid, subterranean winter temperatures prevented me from even wanting to leave the house.  Full Story >
Just a few Jon Nesbitt
Wednesday, April 16 – Ken Ellingson
Elenor Better
Saturday, April 19 – JoAnn Hanson
Monday, April 21 – Barbara Eide
Reg Hicks
Keegan Giesbrecht
Tuesday, April 22 – Wayne Duxbury
Teresa Turai

  Full Story >
Picked up in passing by JAMIE NESBITT - Bulletin Editor
 Brooks Bulletin, April 11, 1914—The town council meeting held on Monday night last was attended by a considerable gathering of citizens. The restricted accommodation of the council chamber did not afford sufficient room for the council and spectators.
The passing of the new license by-law and the reducing of the salary of the town police constable to $75 per month instead of $100 were two important matters dealt with. Councillor Reynolds, chairman of the police committee, brought up the matter of reducing the constable’s salary and stated that $100 per month was too high a sum to be paying for a constable. Besides paying this amount the town also provides uniforms. He said there was little need of a constable in the winter months and the $400 has been practically thrown away this past winter.  Full Story >
Sovereignty will no longer be issue in 2015 federal vote - NATIONAL AFFAIRS by CHANTAL HEBERT
By electing a federalist majority government on Monday, Quebec voters have effectively changed the channel of next year’s federal election campaign. With another referendum showdown off the table, the odds that the terms of the Quebec/Canada relationship will become a wedge issue are lower than they have been in decades.
That starts in Quebec where the Bloc Québécois is, under the guise of a leadership campaign, really looking for an undertaker to lead it to its final resting place. With Quebec’s existential debate on hold for at least four years; with the Parti Québécois about to go in a deep divisive funk, few sovereigntists will spare a tear for the moribund federal party.
Even if the Bloc goes through the motions of selecting a new leader later this spring he or she may be hard-pressed to come up with a compelling reason for its remaining followers to bother breathing new life in the party in 2015.  Full Story >
Cow killed by gun shot could be connected to area shootings 

Sparks from a welder and burning barrel likely to blame for separate fires 

Income tax scammers calling 

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