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A look back... by JAMIE NESBITT - Bulletin Editor
Friend’s death recalls
early homestead days
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Bob Scammell – Alberta Outdoors
It was on a morning just like this, as I write, many years ago – gray, damp, cold – that one of central Alberta’s Barley Barons strode into our law office grinning like a hoss eating thistles.
After a deathly dry spring’ we were into a lull in a proverbial million dollar rain.
Barley Baron was happy because he had finished seeding his crop the evening before, just as the rain, sleet and snow started.
“Did you know the rain was on the way?” we asked.
“Never bother with timing,” he said, “Get it in same time every year; if you don’t get ‘er in, you’ll never get ‘er out.”  Full Story >
Just a few words... by Jon Nesbitt
Wednesday, May 4 – Abram Giesbrecht
Thursday, May 5 – Anne Beblow
Friday, May 6 – Marie Schuett
Kate Nesbitt
Saturday, May 7 – Val Deunk
Sunday, May 8 – Lorne Bunney
Joe Yarrow
Bob Cromwell
Fred Mandeville
Monday, May 9 – Riley Danyluk
Tuesday, May 10 – Reid Johnson
Rose Marie Anderson
Jayme Gerbrandt
Sandra Kimmel  Full Story >
Life as I know it! by Colleen Crawford
Mother's Day Moments  Full Story >
PM finds his voice in fight against terror - NATIONAL AFFAIRS by CHANTAL HEBERT
But for young millennial voters Justin Trudeau might not have won a majority victory last fall.
As an Abacus Data study confirmed this week, the younger cohort of the electorate tilted the balance in favour of the Liberals. By turning out in greater numbers and coalescing behind Trudeau, voters aged 18 to 25 almostaSometimes you’ve got to be pissed off.
Justin Trudeau got there this week as his response to terrorism continues its remarkable evolution.
The prime minister sounded legitimately angry over the horrible death of Canadian John Ridsdel at the hands of terrorists, and resolute in his statement that this country will not pay terrorist ransoms - directly or indirectly.
This will not bring Ridsdel back and it will not safeguard the fate of another Canadian being held in the Philippines. certainly made a difference between a minority and a majority.
Early indications suggest the Liberals were the preferred choice of a plurality of younger voters (45 per cent) beating the NDP (25 per cent) and the Conservatives (20 per cent). In comparison to 2011, turnout among that age group went up 12 percentage points.
Before dismissing the growth of the youth vote and its impact on the election outcome as a one off - essentially due to Trudeau’s status as a political rock star - it might be prudent to consider that the reverse could turn out to be true.   Full Story >
Sports Talk by Bruce Parker
With Christmas upon us, I thought it would be a good idea to clear up some current and past sport items that never got addressed.
 To begin with, one question I am continually asked is will I cheer for the Saskatchewan Roughriders now that Chris Jones is the new head coach and general manager. The answer is no even though they are my second favourite team in the Canadian Football League.  Full Story >
Pump It Up run Saturday at Dinosaur park 

Local improvement tax may increase with Tilley work 

Telus investing $1.5 million in Brooks this year 

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