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A look back... by JAMIE NESBITT - Bulletin Editor
Lack of drivers forces
ambulance service to halt

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Bob Scammell – Alberta Outdoors
For me the surest way to predict when we’ll finally get some rain is to have firm plans for an important outdoors event; it is surer still if the day is also part of the Victoria Day, or May Long weekend, when the whole province goes camping.
Ever since my dad died on May 16, 39 years ago, I go out somewhere we had fished together, to remember him; the season opened May 16th when I was a kid, and the Guv always took me fishing opening day. It is also a good day for natural signs and omens.   Full Story >
Just a few words... by Jon Nesbitt
Tuesday, May 26 – Nestor Martinez
John Wayne
Friday, May 29 – Ray Romans
Nancy Lyster
Saturday, May 30 – Darlene Williams
Michael Love
Sunday, May 31 – Earl Wilson
Clint Eastwood
Monday, June 1 – Vicki Vlahos
Tuesday, June 2 – Theresa Gauthier Holden
Margaret Oliver
Mits Iwaasa

Dave and Jessica Surgenor – May 29, 2004
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Life as I know it! by Colleen Crawford
The Cat Conspiracy  Full Story >
Over-represented in our prisons. Under-represented on our juries. - NATIONAL AFFAIRS by TIM HARPER
No Supreme Court decision was going to change that reality for aboriginal Canadians.
But even if the court, by a 5-2 decision, ruled that the constitutional rights of Clifford Kokopenace were not violated when he was convicted of manslaughter by a jury that included no aboriginal members, the decision again raised the question as to whether governments in this country are really doing enough to get aboriginals on our jury rolls.
Kokopenace, a native, was convicted in Kenora, a district in which on-reserve residents made up 32 per cent of the population. Yet not a single aboriginal sat in judgment of him on the jury.
“A jury roll containing few individuals of the accused’s race or religion is not in itself indicative of bias,” Justice Michael Moldaver wrote for the majority.   Full Story >
Sports Talk by Bruce Parker
Will someone please explain to me how a team can place first overall in the Alberta Junior Hockey League, be ranked number two in Canada and yet cannot win a game at the Western Canada Cup.
 I’m talking about the Spruce Grove Saints. This team had all the ingredients for a championship season but then again, so did the Camrose Kodiaks and look what happened to them.
 Both teams had talented rosters only to be denied with what they wanted most, namely a spot to compete in the RBC Cup.  Full Story >
FCSS finds another $43,400 for Ashton’s Place 

Jackson stays as chair of Communities In Bloom 

BJHS student is Texas bound for Bowl game 

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