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‘Yes’ vote could have meant sovereigntist chaos - NATIONAL AFFAIRS byCHANTAL HEBERT
More than two million Quebecers voted yes in the 1995 referendum. The vast majority wanted the province to become an independent country. But the sovereigntist camp would not have flirted with victory if it had not been for the support of a cohort of soft nationalist voters.
Part of that group was made up of people who were essentially out to signal their anger over Canada’s failure to effect the constitutional change that successive Quebec governments had sought. They wanted to send a message of discontent about the state of federalism, but ultimately had little tolerance for the risk of separation.  Full Story >
Bob Scammell – Alberta Outdoors
Every fishing and hunting season is different, and after a lifetime of recreational vegetable gardening, I doubt that a perfect year for that exists either. Every year is great for some crops, and awful for others. But all years, this one included, are perfect for ants and weeds.
This year the vegetables that like it hot – corn, beans, basil, tomatoes, cukes and zukes – have flourished, while the cool-loving types – peas, broccoli, cauliflower, shallots – have all flirted with crop failure, so badly with the peas that I am suspecting the scourge of root rot.
Potatoes flourish with steady moisture, and we are now enjoying sweet, new Norland potatoes from our third planting.  Full Story >
Just a few words... by Jon Nesbitt
Wednesday, September 10 – Rolf Bander
Thursday, September 11 – tracy Acorn
Friday, September 12 – Ann Jackson
Daryl Windrim
  Full Story >
Life as I know it! by Colleen Crawford
We attended a family reunion this past weekend. We were only gone for seventy six hours. It felt like so much more.
We left our home just a little after 9:00 a.m on Thursday; we returned in and around 1:00 p.m. four days later. I simply could not wait to get home and sit quietly by myself, process my thoughts and let all of the good stuff sift to the top. Unfortunately, I fell asleep. Each and every time I sat still. I fell asleep. But here are a few things I learned:  Full Story >
Picked up in passing by JAMIE NESBITT - Bulletin Editor
Brooks Bulletin, March 1914— A number of local citizens were at the depot to see the train of Colorado farmers go through to Bassano.
 A free fight on the station platform added a little excitement and caused one man to lose some blood.
 Mrs. McIver will not receive on Tuesday afternoon, March 17.
F. R. Pike and C. W. McKittrick were visitors in Bassano.
T. E. Moore and F. O. Smith were in from Bow City.  Full Story >
Sports Talk by Bruce Parker
 Talk about a busy weekend of sports coming up. There are three sporting events that will keep news room staff busy.
 First of all, the Bandits will play their Alberta Junior Hockey League season opener Friday night against the Camrose Kodiaks.
 The Kodiaks have always been a pain in the side for many seasons and I expect this one will be no exception.
 With this said, I am confident the Bandits will be highly successful and believe they have a good shot at skating away with the South Division championship. Of course, there are other teams standing in their way. The Olds Grizzlys apparently did not lose a lot of players from last season and should be tough. Then there is Drumheller. The Dragons can no longer be considered as a team opponents can walk over.  Full Story >
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